Seven reasons from the point of view of Ehsan Neyzan that make you not successful in music

If you want to do all the steps of music production (playing, singing, recording, composing, arranging, mixing, mastering, playing and advertising) you have chosen a very difficult path to success in music!

Have you ever seen some artists who have achieved great success through music, you said to yourself, can I?

And then rush to your equipment, open one of the projects and finish production, mix and master yourself, and play your song, after a while when you see the result. Discouraged and with a longer hand, you returned to the first house. Maybe you decide to forget about music.

Have you ever wondered, then why am I not succeeding?

The problem is obvious. In this article, we provide you with useful information that directly affects the success or failure of music.

If music is a minor part of your life, please give up music. Talk to people who are willing to move on to music. If you think you have something to offer in the music world then please take your music seriously. Being serious does not mean false self-confidence or saying bad things to other artists. It is an important part of your attitude towards your music. Take your music seriously, that is, try with all your might to gain knowledge, experience and promotion in your work, despite all the shortcomings. If you do not take your music seriously, you will not pay for it, so you will not succeed.

If you have heard the story of wealthy people, there is usually something in common in their lives. It is also spending to invest. That is, they spend to earn many times as much. But this is not the view of unsuccessful people, who think that if they spend money on their music, they are actually wasting their money, and receiving nothing in return. So they decide to do the whole thing themselves. These people are unaware of an important issue. That is, they should not go to work without expertise. Like broadcasting, advertising, mixing, mastering, etc.… is just one thing to consider when spending (investing). Choosing a skilled and committed individual or group.

Another reason you do not progress in music is that you do not know exactly what to spend! In most cases, composers attribute the success of music to expensive equipment. If without knowledge, the equipment is just a beautiful showcase. So raise your level of knowledge so that you can distinguish between professional and non-professional work and make an effective investment in your music. Interestingly, there are people who, by learning a few terms of mixing and mastering, think they have reached the pinnacle of knowledge. But the science of music, like other sciences, has no end. To gain knowledge, anyone can learn a lot using the Internet. But to be honest, this is not a perfect choice. Being self-taught adds to science, but not to experience!

In general, the result of all this is:

  • If you do not spend wisely for your music, there is no progress.
  • If you do not understand that the essence of the right cost is investment; It did not work.
  • If you do not acquire knowledge, make excuses and do not plan, you will never succeed.

Even if these are hard to accept, ask yourself over and over again:

  • Do I choose success or failure?

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