Shantell Valcin – A Rising Star In the Industry

Shantell Valcin is a 21 years old supermodel from Miami, Florida. Shantell has been making a presence in the magazines with her charismatic personality. She is positive, open-minded, and has a pleasant personality.

Shantell, you have made your marks in the industry in a short time. People would love to love how you did it and about your struggles.

How You Achieved So Much At This Stage?

“Well, you know hard work pays off, and I have struggled a lot and worked days and nights to achieve my goals” It seems like a dream come true, and it wasn’t possible without the continuous struggle. Initially, I started representing artists and photographers locally and eventually landed in the online world. I work as a product promoter and endorse dozens of advertisements for different products.

How You Started A Career In Fashion?

I just started modeling as a hobby, and it became my passion. Modeling provided me an opportunity to grow and helped me to become an entrepreneur.

How Do You Make Living?

I work as a model for companies and brands to advertise their products. I endorse products like jewelry, fashion, food, clothes, appliances, and cosmetics.

Name A Few of Biggest Influencers You Know

“Well, I am inspired by Lady Gaga and Cardi B” They both are doing great.

What Legacy Would You Leave?

I struggled a lot to graduate from school, and finally, I succeeded. Once a psychiatrist told my mom that she wouldn’t complete her schooling ever in life. But I proved him wrong, and I believe experts are not always right, and you can accomplish anything in life if you have a will.

What Are Your Future Plans?

I am seeing myself as a team leader who will guide the creative team in the future. I want to groom myself personally and professionally. I want everyone to be on board with me to be successful in the future. I hope I will be successful in the future and build my empire with my continuous struggles.

I believe the fashion industry is rapidly growing, and it has a lot of growth potential. I see this as a big opportunity.

Shantell Valcin As An Entrepreneur

Shantell’s entrepreneurship skills led her to chase her dream. She is actively contributing to the economy and industry through her skills. She has been successful in making her presence in the fashion industry and making influence through different products. She is now promoting lots of products on Instagram.

She has excellent business intelligence, which helped her start her online venture FineFem, showcasing and selling products related to women’s interests. Her business is multiplying and making a presence in the industry.

Shantell fame has been growing despite tough competition in the industry. Shantell becomes a star and social media influencer that’s increasing her followers and popularity. Shantell appreciates women to come forward and express themselves fully. To know more about her, visit her profile on Facebook and page on Instagram.

Instagram : @finefem

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