Showcasing Real Stories in Real Estate With The Real Estate Disruptors

Navigating real estate calamities is something real estate advisor Ralph DiBugnara has some background experience with. After all, his real estate business was able to weather the storm of the brutal housing market crash and global financial crisis of 2008. Realizing the importance of such experiences amidst the difficulties of the COVID-19 pandemic, Ralph started The Real Estate Disruptors, an online series that showcases his and his guests’ experiences to share stories that are compelling and inspiring yet concrete and actionable, with vital takeaways for viewers of all backgrounds.

From his experiences, Ralph believes that the difficulties of the COVID-19 pandemic are nowhere near that of the 2008 crisis in terms of its impact on real estate. Recent data seems to back up this view, with the industry’s performance being particularly good relative to other markets. Analyses from all over the world have shown that year-on-year property values continued to increase in spite of the pandemic, and a recent survey of Americans shows that real estate remains the top choice for long-term investment. With the market’s prevailing resilience, especially compared to other ailing markets, real estate remains a solid choice for aspiring traders, investors, and entrepreneurs.

Such optimism, however, does not necessarily mean that the market was not affected by the pandemic. Global logistical disruptions, changes in international supply and demand, changing customer attitudes and preferences, and rent arrears due to tenants’ financial difficulties are only some of the pandemic-borned problems faced by the industry. With the real estate industry in flux, Ralph believes that he is in a unique position to use his past experiences in surviving real estate difficulties combined with his unique visionary approach to help aspiring real estate agents successfully navigate and thrive in the post-pandemic world of real estate.

As a major part of such efforts, Ralph released The Real Estate Disruptors online series to spread his message to a much wider audience. The series will showcase the journeys of entrepreneurs who reached personal financial success with their groundbreaking and innovative businesses and made real changes to help their peers and their communities. What more, the show will focus on entrepreneurs who, like founder Ralph DiBugnara, were able to overcome struggles and circumstances to become successful for themselves and others.

In addition to this, the show will feature entrepreneurs from a variety of backgrounds, such as renowned interior designer Vanessa DeLeon, rapper-turned-entrepreneur Randall “Sickamore” Medford, and personal branding experts and serial entrepreneurs Luke and Jordan Lintz of HighKey Holdings. Through this broad and inclusive approach, Ralph hopes that The Real Estate Disruptors will be able to inform and inspire all sorts of real estate entrepreneurs, regardless of their financial and professional backgrounds.

Ralph’s 20 years of experience in real estate and various other kinds of businesses have given him all sorts of industry insider knowledge and an ability to adapt and overcome all sorts of challenges that may come up in real estate. Today, amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, he hopes to condense and showcase these experiences and those from an assortment of other leading entrepreneurs to inspire a new generation of trailblazers, who will go on to define and conquer the changing world of real estate.

The first episode of The Real Estate Disruptors will premiere on the 18th of February 2021, with 8 episodes planned out in total for its first season. The show will be available on all major streaming platforms, including Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Prime, YouTube, and Ralph’s very own Disruptors Network mobile app, which will be free of charge and showcase similar content for other industries. To find out more about this upcoming online series as well as its accompanying network of real estate experts, you may visit their website or follow them on Instagram at @therealestatedisruptors.

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