Some tips for having attractive makeup at home. Tahmineh Chizari, an Iranian famous makeup artist answers

For beautiful makeup, you should first know that bold makeup is not pretty in most cases but ruins your natural beauty and makes a senseless doll out of you. However, you can make peaceful makeup and simplicity at home, with light and gentle makeup.

Face form and shape

Type of skin

Using skin cleansers

Keeping the skin moist

First makeup step:

Choosing the best foundation

Correct use of concealer

Eye makeup

Using eye shadow

Lip makeup

Using blusher in the makeup

Face forms are in different shapes, and each body needs other makeup forms to make it unique and classy. These shapes are circular, oval, rectangular, square, heart-shaped, etc.

Type of skin

This means regular, oily, dry, and mixed skin, which must be considered when buying cosmetics, especially foundations, to cover your skin adequately.

Now that you have completed your makeup, pay attention to some more tips:

First, have confidence and don’t try to make your appearance different. Just use light makeup to create a fresh look. If you’re a beginner, do not use many cosmetics, incredibly dark and sharp colors; it may make your face look messy. Using cosmetics and makeup is very important for women, and there is a logical reason behind it.

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