South Africa’s TV Doctor – Tevin Naidu

Read about Dr. Tevin Naidu If you want to know the real meaning of multidimensional personality. Yes, some people have God gifted talents. They need the right direction to use those talents in their favor. Tevin Naidu is one of those people who know very well how to shine on the horizon.

The early life of Dr. Tevin Naidu:

Tevin Naidu was born in 1993 in the city of Gauteng province of South Africa. From the very beginning, he had some exceptional skills that he would utilizeto pursue some of his dreams. Apart from this, his love for the family was powerful, and he shared a very energetic relationship with his sister and parents. From an early age, Tevin was a vibrant, intelligent, and fun-lovingchild. Moreover, his maternal side has mixed roots in Islamic and Hindu culture. Due to this diverse familial heritage, coupled with his upbringing in Sydenham, Durban, Tevin’s ability to adapt to any environment began to grow. Tevin was a very sharp student who wanted to impress others with his exceptional skills. Not any man can achieve 100% in mathematics in high-school, but Tevin made this possible.He managed to do this, all while participating in his school’s extra-curricular activities and sport. But the most highlighted part of life was his love for music. Yes, he began to play multiple traditional Indian musical instruments at the age of nine. Later, he won many national awards due to his exceptional music, singing, and dancing skills.

Basic info about Dr. Tevin Naidu:

Personality nameDr. Tevin Naidu
ProfessionMedical Doctor, Television Presenter
Born1993 in South Africa
EducationNSC; MB,ChB; MPhil
Special abilitiesMusician, Arithmetic/Logic, Public Speaking, Medicine/Surgery
Television CareerEastern Mosaic (SABC2); Mela (SABC3); Survivor (MNet)
Current workMental Healthcare Practitioner, Philosopher & Ethicist. Psychiatry Medical Officer

From an early age, Tevin was a guy who loved to help others. He was a bright student; thus, he supported the classmates in difficult concepts and courses. However, Tevin adopted all these skills and intelligence from his parents. Moreover, his hard work and dedication is the main reason of his success.

How Tevin found the divine purpose of his life?

We already discussed that Tevin always wanted to help other due to kind heart. For him, there was no better profession than medicine to pursue this dream to serve humanity. Furthermore, during the senior years at school, his invitation to the white house by president Dwight D Eisenhower’s granddaughter for the people to people leadership ambassador program stamped the decision. Apart from this, during his school years, a modeling agency found a supermodel in his personality. As a result, Tevin didn’t disappoint them and started to mark his footprints with his talent – becoming the host of 2 of South Africa’s most successful Asian lifestyle and entertainment TV shows (Eastern Mosaic &Mela). But the model and TV presenter didn’t spare the passion for the medical field. It merely allowed him to finance his application to Stellenbosch University in 2011. Tevin Naidu was very sensitive and kindhearted, but he suffered from racism during his medical years. These were the tough days of his life, but he made an aim that:

“As a brown man, at a white (and Afrikaans) University, you receive top quality racism – both direct and indirect. I made it my aim to break outdated stereotypes and educate my colleagues.”

In 2016 – after 6 years of medical school – Tevin Naidu completed his medical degree and started a 2 year internship at King Edward VIII hospital. After an enlightening experience participating in “Survivor South Africa”, Tevin applied to the South African Military Health Services (a branch of the South African National Defense Force) for a year long community service as a Medical Officer. Later, he worked in many large-medium scale projects, mostly in the field of Mental Health and proved that sky has no limit.

Contemporary life:

If we look at Tevin’s contemporary life, then he is still an active musician. Moreover, his love for traditional Indian instruments and guitar and piano has increased. Furthermore, he is a person who loves to live a healthy life–with mindfulness meditation being a huge part of his life. Tevin Naidu’s love for neuroscience, psychology and sociology has transcended into mental health. He has dedicated his life to helping others with mental health related issues. He is a public speaker and mental health activist. His understanding of the human mind will provide a useful tool to human kind as mental illness continues to rise worldwide. So, if we look at Tevin’s life, then we have so much to learn. It is commendable to have such a successful and responsible life at such a young age. Tevin, now only 27, is destined for further greatness.

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