Sri Lankan cricketer “stood two days in line for fuel”

Sri Lankan cricketer Chamika Karunaratne.(Twitter/ANI)

Sri Lanka is facing a severe shortage of fuel and other essential supplies and is in the throes of its worst economic crisis with soaring inflation. The oil supply shortage has forced schools and government offices to close until further notice.

Sri Lanka is witnessing acute shortage of essentials amid the political unrest in the country. Long queues at fuel stations are quiet common these days across the island nation. Sri Lankan cricketer Chamika Karunaratne, like any other Sri Lankan citizen, is not aloof from the crisis in the country.

The Lankan cricketer shared how he managed to get his car refuelled after standing in queue for two long days, news agency ANI reported.

“We’ve to go for practices in Colombo and to different other places as club cricket season is on but I’ve been standing in queue for fuel for past 2 days. I got it filled for ₹10,000 which will last 2-3 days…” the pacer said.

The fuel crisis comes at a time ahead of the Asia Cup cricket tournament which is going to be held next month.

he cricketer praised India for the help extended to the island nation during the crisis. “India is like a brother country to us. They are helping us a lot. I would like to thank them. We know we are having a big problem and India always supports us. We have a rich history with India. We know that we are struggling, but thanks to India for everything and we will keep getting better and better,” he said.

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