Steve Jobs email affirms Apple was functioning away at an ‘iPhone nano’

In 2011, bits of gossip twirled that Apple was dealing with a purported “iPhone nano,” another iPhone that would be more modest and less expensive than the best in class model at that point, the iPhone 4. While Apple never delivered that supposed super-little telephone, a Steve Jobs email we spotted while gathering the absolute best messages from the Epic v. Apple claim affirms the organization was to be sure chipping away at an iPhone nano at one point on schedule.

Sadly, Jobs’ October 2010 email, which is a plan for a procedure meeting, doesn’t uncover much about the gadget. There’s a projectile for an “iPhone nano plan,” a sub-shot for its “cost objective,” and another sub-slug demonstrating that “Jony,” apparently Apple’s previous plan boss Jony Ive, would “show model (as well as renderings).” A “2011 Strategy” shot prior in the plan has a sub-slug that says “make minimal expense iPhone model dependent on iPod contact to supplant 3GS,” however it’s hazy in case that is alluding to the iPhone nano or an alternate gadget completely.

While Apple doesn’t utilize the “nano” marking for any of its genuinely more modest items at the present time, Apple had quite recently delivered its 6th cycle of the immensely mainstream iPod nano when Jobs sent this email, so the marking actually conveyed some force around then.

The iPhone nano really isn’t the first secretive “nano” Apple item that has showed up in a gathering plan sent by Steve Jobs found as a feature of the Epic v. Apple preliminary. An August fifth, 2007 Jobs email shared by the Internal Tech Emails Twitter account alludes to a “Super nano,” which appears liable to have been an overhauled rendition of the iPod nano, that was on target for a delivery in the main portion of 2008. Mac didn’t wind up delivering an iPod nano in that time span, and in spite of the fact that it delivered the tall fourth-age iPod nano in September 2008, we couldn’t say whether this was the “Super nano” to which Jobs was alluding.

Macintosh has continued on from the nano marking, ultimately suspending the iPod nano in 2017, and picked rather for the “Smaller than expected” moniker for the presently accessible iPhone 12 Mini and the HomePod Mini. All things considered, it’s amusing to envision what an additional little iPhone nano may have resembled, particularly in 2010/2011, when the iPhone 4 had a now-small 3.5-inch screen. Perhaps if Apple had presented the iPhone nano, Jobs might have pulled off one of his most renowned uncover stunts a subsequent time.

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