‘Stranger Things’ last trailer sets the stage for season three

Since debuting in July 2016, Stranger Things has become an award-winning and widely appreciated Netflix series.

Season three is practically prepared for release on July 4th – alongside a game for Xbox One, PS4, Switch, PC and cell phones – and after a couple of brief secrets Netflix has conveyed a “final trailer” that gives some solid indications of how things are going in 1985-time Hawkins, IN.

Eleven, Mike, Will, Dustin, Lucas, Max and the remainder of friends are obviously back and taller than any time in recent memory, however it creates the impression that last season’s mission to remove an attacker starting from the upside by shutting an interdimensional gate wasn’t as effective as everybody hoped. With some Jurassic Park-style pizazz (clearly the show is presently cribbing from 90s highlights as well) everyone are prodded by The Mind Flayer and its minions, complete with a voiceover clarifying precisely how much risk everybody is in: “We’re going to end you. We’re going to end your friends. We’re going to end… everyone.”

By Joe Robinson

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