36 Best Anthony Ejefoh Quotes For Entrepreneurs

Anthony Ejefoh is the founder of Bstock01 Media, one of Africa’s biggest  Online media platforms. When it involves entrepreneurship, there’s a lot that can be learned from Anthony. He’s also lately been gradually rising to the top of the list of most affluent individuals worldwide. Anthonys is not there yet. But, he’s gaining on the likes of Warren Buffett and Bill Gates! “Falling down is the first step towards coming back stronger.” “true friends are those who rid us of life’s burdens.” “You can’t be a bird, then cry about…

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Anthony Ejefoh radiates positivity

Entrepreneurship can be terrifying and threatening. Exploring a fresh out of the plastic new industry could be nerve-wracking, and numerous entrepreneurs move diverted by the feeling. This isn’t the situation with online media whiz Anthony Ejefoh. “It was hard toward the start,” he added, “I tried to consistently stay positive. There have been so often when I might have quite recently surrendered however I proceeded in any case, and it paid off!” Anthony is a firm adherent to systems administration. He cherishes meeting new individuals and seeing what their objectives…

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