To Makes a 1974 BMW 3.0 CS Look Awkward as Hell , Robert Downey Jr. paid good money

What even are those dark woodgrain emphasizes? Terrible flipper-grade loft flooring?

They by and large not an individual to shout “Y U RUNE KLASSIK?” into the discourse void on Facebook posts of adjusted vehicles. In the event that it fulfills you, let it all out, inasmuch as it doesn’t self-destruct out and about. However a specific superstar restomod makes them scratch their head not out of resentment, yet disarray: a 1974 BMW 3.0 CS adjusted by SpeedKore for entertainer Robert Downey Jr.

SpeedKore spends significant time in carbon fiber parts and extraordinary vehicles revamped in full carbon fiber, however they held off on changing the 3.0 CS’s smooth body for Downey’s venture. For their first European restomod ever, they kept the exemplary Bimmer’s metal body and included a couple of bespoke carbon fiber bits: a front air dam, back guard and rocker moldings, all completed in a BASF Glasurit glossy silk clearcoat to let the carbon look through.

The genuine sin isn’t carbon fiber for the good of carbon fiber, which is sufficiently inconspicuous. Gracious, no. There’s woodgrain. Not the warm earthy colored woodgrain you’d expect on a 3.0 CS of this vintage. It’s the dim woodgrain that is universal in each “refreshed” loft you’ll ever take a gander at.

This sun-nuked driftwood-shaded woodgrain is over the dashboard and on the guiding wheel where you anticipate that woodgrain should be in a seventies BMW. Be that as it may, no! It’s likewise on the beltline and back decklid spoiler of the outside of the vehicle, which doesn’t bode well.

See, in case you will go for the HGTV-propelled house flipper look, focus on it. Don’t simply toss the “my deck needs resealing”- toned woodgrain on the beltline, spoiler and dashboard. Wrap the entire vehicle. The Brick Red PPG paint is pleasant, yet maybe excessively decent in this unique situation. It just conflicts with the example of the day of dim all that inside plan hacks.

Another thing conflicts with this fabricate: the motor and transmission. Sitting in the engine is the beautiful S38 inline-six from an E34-age BMW M5. The U.S. rendition of this motor created 311 strength—a decent knock from the 3.0 CS’s 180-hp motor. In any case, that is mated to a four-speed programmed transmission. What?

The remainder of the fabricate appears to be sufficiently decent. There’s Bilstein stuns, six-cylinder Brembo brakes in the front and four-cylinder Brembos in the back. The custom HRE C109 three-piece wheels are the most pleasant looking wheels they’ve seen on a restomod in years. There are decent titanium dim accents all through the construct that coordinate those wheels.

The inside is additionally fine in the event that you don’t take a gander at the dashboard. Espresso hued calfskin with rock weave entryway cards and seat focuses supplement the red outside well. The Classic Instruments checks and hideable Focal touchscreen head unit are fine. The inside comfort get handle enlivened by 1970s Lamborghinis appears as though it has a place there and nearly appears justified if the four-speed autobox holds up.

There’s a cowhide wrapped Yeti cooler inside the storage compartment also. They daresay he won’t thud that on rocks or sand like most of us plebs do with our coolers. Hopefully he remembers and attempt to drift it in the waterway. There’s likewise a lot of coordinating baggage made to sit on the gear rack that sits instead of the back seats.

This is the third vehicle SpeedKore has worked for Downey after a 1970 Ford Mustang Boss 302 and a 1967 Chevrolet Camaro. Those are pleasant, as they didn’t utilize an old wood fence that you presumably need to paint as a dream.


Takata Airbag Recall: Tesla, Subaru, and Ferrari Among 1.7 Million Vehicles Appended to Takata Airbag Recall List

The ongoing recall of airbag inflators that could detonate and harm riders has added another 1.7 million vehicles to its list, from a wide variety of manufacturers.

Subaru, Tesla, BMW, Volkswagen, Daimler Vans, Mercedes, and Ferrari were altogether incorporated into the most recent recall from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Friday morning. The recall is a piece of a bigger recall of Takata airbags, which can fling shrapnel on the off chance that they detonate in the wake of breaking down after some time because of heat and humidity. The issue has brought about no less than 23 deaths and hundreds of injuries.

The list of new recalls is a long one and drivers are urged to go to the NHTSA website and enter their vehicle identification number to check whether their car is influenced. Be that as it may, here’s a best line rundown of how significantly the different automakers are influenced by the most recent round:


The organization is recalling 826,144 vehicles, including different Forester, Legacy, and Outback models from 2010 to 2014.


Somewhere in the range of 288,779 vehicles from model years 2010 to 2017 are influenced.


The German automaker is recalling 119,394 vehicles, including Audi and Passat models from 2015 to 2017.


A little more than 266,000 vehicles from the model years 2000 to 2004 and 2007 to 2015 are being recalled.

Daimler Vans

Another 159,689 vehicles made between 2015 to 2017 are incorporated.


Got a Model S from 2014 to 2016? It could be one of the 68,763 vehicles recalled from the organization.


The high-end auto manufacturers is recalling 11,176 cars, from an assortment models from the 2014 to 2018 model years.

The Takata recall is one of the biggest in U.S. history and is being staged with automakers. Last September, Honda and Acura recalled 1.4 million vehicles for the issue and in December, Toyota and Lexus recalled 65,000 vehicles. Ford has previously consented to pay $300 million to settle customers’ economic misfortune claims associated with the Takata recall.

As per the NHTSA, there are 50 million flawed Takata airbags in 37 million U.S. vehicles.