James Cameron Prays Theaters Survive So ‘Avatar’ Sequels, MCU Films Can Gross $2 Billion Again

The business has overplayed the movies fight between James Cameron’s “Avatar” and the Russo Brothers’ Marvel tentpole “Avatar: Endgame.” The MCU film outperformed “Avatar” in summer 2019 to turn into the most noteworthy earning film at the overall film industry with more than $2.79 billion, yet then “Avatar” was re-delivered in China a month ago and recovered the movies crown with more than $2.8 billion (all unadjusted for expansion). During a new visit to “The Tonight Show” to advance his Disney+ exceptional “Mystery of the Whales,” Cameron was gotten some information about the $2 billion film industry fight. Does Cameron care about being #1? Not however much he thinks often about guaranteeing there’s a future for cinemas so that any film, “Avatar” or something else, can net $2 billion.

“Everybody makes a big deal out of [the box office battle], but the truth is what we really need to focus on is getting back to theaters,” Cameron said. “Hopefully we can still have movies like that, ‘Endgame’ and ‘Avatar’ and the big Marvel movies and all that, movies that are able to make $1 billion or $2 billion.”

Cameron proceeded, “Let’s pray that movie theaters are still there after this pandemic and after this shift towards streaming, not that I have anything against streaming. There’s great writing and great shows in [streaming], but let’s remember that movie theaters are a sacred experience for all of us. Let’s get back out there when it’s safe to do so.”

At the point when Cameron’s first “Avatar” spin-off opens in December 2022, it will stamp the thirteenth commemoration of the first “Avatar” opening in theaters. Will crowds turn out by the thousand as they did 13 years prior? Given that the first’s new China re-discharge procured more than $40 million, it shows up there still is overall interest for a re-visitation of Pandora. The spin-off will star unique cast individuals like Sam Worthington, Zoe Saldana, and Sigourney Weaver inverse establishment newbies like Kate Winslet.

Since Disney possesses twentieth Century Fox, the Mouse House has a ton put resources into the fate of Cameron’s “Avatar” establishment. The chief is chipping away at four continuations, the initial two of which are approaching the finish of creation. “Symbol 2” will be first out of the door and delivered December 16, 2022.


‘Avatar 2’ sequel titles spilled months prior

Disney reported for the current week that “Avatar 2” and its sequels will be pushed back … once more.

“Avatar 2” has been pushed back for about 10 years. The film’s ancestor, “Avatar,” dropped in 2009 and turned into the highest-grossing film ever in the process with more than $2.7 billion in the box office. Be that as it may, the sequels have been postponed over and over.

Presently it would appear that everybody will at last see “Avatar 2” in 2021 with a huge number of sequels — including “Avatar 3,” “Avatar 4” and “Avatar 5” — dropping in the years after that. “Avatar 2” will probably drop around Dec. 18, 2021. Everybody will see “Avatar 3” in 2023 and “Avatar 4” in 2025. “Avatar 5” will hit theaters in 2027, as per the Deseret News.

Back in November 2018, BBC News revealed that it discovered documentation about the eventual fate of “Avatar” and four explicit projects.

These “projects” are allegedly the titles of the sequel films. They are as per the following:

“Avatar: The Way of Water”

“Avatar: The Seed Bearer”

“Avatar: The Tulkun Rider”

“Avatar: The Quest for Eywa”

As per BBC News, these titles convey some weight. Director James Cameron said in 2017 that he was investigating utilizing water in the sequels. He likewise said that Kate Winslet would star in the series as an individual from the Sea People. The last title alludes to Eywa, a deity and goddess of the Pandora planet.