New World Events – The Best Digital and Hybrid Event Platform? – Michael Alf

New World Events is the best digital and hybrid event platform designed to help you create successful and professional online and hybrid events. They provide the skills, knowledge, and experience to clients hosting events.

The founder and CEO of New World Events, Michael Alf, shared that the company had been set up as a global and remote business since its inception. He expressed that in 2020,  he built an international team in six countries. They have never met due to the pandemic, but they work closely and diligently as a team.

The team has their own digital home where they meet and discuss projects. With the current trajectory of the world, the business epitomizes the future of work. And the team at New World Events has developed solutions to help guide other organizations along the same path.

New World Events’ Digital Home

The Digital Home feature is designed specifically for organizations; it provides various functionalities, including integration of existing applications like MS Teams and Zoom, Ad-hoc Meetings. Rooms for employees and visitors and individualized views for employees, clients, and partners, for example, a dedicated welcome screen for client visitors, are also among its functionalities.

Other functionalities include a real reception for virtual visitors to the organization, representation of various departments with crucial information and point of contact in the form of booths, and an easy-to-use chat functionality across the platform.

There are a variety of cases for which a digital home can be used. New World Events’ digital home is ideal for training rooms, partner rooms, virtual receptions, onboarding, or meet and greets.

New World Events Provides a Professional Experience

New World Events collaborates with the best-in-class teams to deliver the most successful outcomes and give you broader expertise on your topic. Additionally, they give your ideas the presentation they deserve. 

With professional guidance, you can present your ideas exactly the way you visualized them. The company can help bring your ideas to life and provide you with a dedicated event support team to give you inside information on how to make the most out of the event and platform.

With the introduction of New World Events, Alf is adapting and using the knowledge he acquired from the online and hybrid events he has successfully organized to deliver world-class digital events for his customers. The organization is watching the demand for emerging potential technologies and trends.

New World Events is a unique and creative digital and hybrid events platform focused on visual appeal. They are experienced and have successfully created thousands of events with various clients. The platform is scalable and reliable and is tailored specifically to your needs; this makes it easier for you to customize your events.

Whether you are interested in events or you represent an organization interested in establishing a Digital Home, New World Events is the #1 digital and hybrid event platform for your business needs. To get in touch with the founder, you can find him on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook.