In the ACC Championship match, Clemson football has no business

Clemson football should not be being in the 2020 ACC Championship game. Pass on, this was the best instructing position of Clemson football lead trainer Dabo Swinney’s vocation. He has the Tigers sitting at 9-1 and positioned in the nation with an opportunity to go to a 6th consecutive College Football Playoff. In the event that Tiger fans are being straightforward with themselves, they shouldn’t be in this position. The way that they are reveals to you all that you require to know the personality of the youngsters and the…

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The Missouri Hip-Hop Scene Is Back Alive

Kansas city isn’t home to many hip-hop artists. Besides, Nelly and Akon that isn’t a big rap scene popping off in Missouri. The rapper Brandoshis is from Jefferson City and he wants to put his city on the map in the rap game. The up incoming artist has been releasing a steady flow of music to keep his fans satisfied. He’s even featured on songs with hip-hop legends Fat Joe, and Tech n9ne. The Jefferson City rapper seem to be making his way in the game just fine. The lyrical…

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