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In the last few years, terminology like depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, and mental health have entered the vocabulary of the urban Indian Citizen. Before that, these terms were merely an arrangement of alphabets or something we had heard of in English movies but didn’t fully understand. We were as ignorant about these terms as we were about the challenges our family and loved ones experienced, simply because we didn’t believe it was real, and it wasn’t real until it flowed blood or required surgery. The consequence of such ignorance was…

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Comprehensive Rehabilitation By HHRD

According to the recent figures, up to fifteen percent of the world’s population is estimated to have some form of impairment found predominantly in developing countries. In addition, severe disabilities are faced by 110-190 million individuals. The lack of access to medical practitioners and rehabilitation facilities is prolonged, and the condition worsens.In Pakistan, HHRD’s Physical Rehabilitation Centers have helped thousands of people undergo various therapies and exercises to improve the body safely and effectively and alleviate pain to prevent potential injury. HHRD’s Physical Rehabilitation Program has five goals: empowerment, advocacy,…

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