Tesla clarifies its Cybertruck exoskeleton supply technique

Tesla has been vocal with regards to the inventory network moves this year because of the COVID pandemic. At the new profit call, Wall Street expert Trip Chowdhry from Global Equities Research got some information about the Cybertruck’s hardened steel exoskeleton provider.

“Who is the supplier looking at if you look at the exoskeleton steel? Is the supply for that material sufficient for immediate ramp-up, say, in ’23, ’24 time for Cybertruck?” asked Chowdhry.

Lars Moravy, Tesla Vice President of Vehicle Engineering, responded to Chowdhry’s inquiry. He additionally gave some data about the Cybertruck’s advancement as far as store network and creation.

“Yeah. Sure. So obviously, as we’ve noted in the past, we developed our own stainless-steel grade for the exterior of Cybertruck to meet both the durability and corrosion requirements required for an automotive world. With this raw material and others, as Drew mentioned, we continue to look at multiple sources,” Moravy replied.

Already, Teslarati detailed around one Tesla steel provider for the Cybertruck, named Steel Dynamics. The Tesla steel provider has an office in Texas with an expected worth of $1.7 billion. It is found just 167 miles from Tesla’s Gigafactory in the Lone Star State. Steel Dynamics intends to begin tasks at its Texas office before the current year’s over.

In any case, in light of Moravy’s answer to Chowdhry, Tesla expects to get steel supply from numerous sellers.

“We have made some early sourcing decisions in that, but I think we’ll keep that one internal, and we’ve already begun the first casting-ins of that. Rolling stainless isn’t so different from pulling any other material. It’s just about how hard the rollers are to get to that hardness level. And, you know, just like every manufacturing process we put in for every new vehicle, we’ll work with our suppliers and vendors to make sure those timelines and supplies meet the need and demand of our customers,” he stated.

Given worldwide store network difficulties, Tesla’s transition to source supply from numerous merchants might be a decent move. It is muddled when the production network will balance out, even as one more year passes after the stature of the COVID pandemic.

Tesla intends to begin Cybertruck creation once Giga Texas arrives at all out Model Y creation limit. Kirkhorn told financial backers at the income call that Tesla actually means to begin Model Y creation at Giga Texas and Giga Berlin before the year’s over. Despite the fact that he tempered assumptions, saying that Model Y conveyances from Tesla’s Austin and Berlin processing plants won’t happen in 2021.

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