The Dan Vas Story: A life of success and inspiration

eCommerce mogul Dan Vas wanted to take the road less traveled to experience a dream life. He became determined to steer his life in the direction of success after envisioning what his future life would be like. He was a youngster from a typical immigrant family who did not finish university, had worked for a while in a bank, and owed thousands of dollars in student debt. Looking at his situation at the time, he felt his life would be unfulfilling if he did not take action, and so he did.

How he achieved success

Vas was able to attain significant success before age 21 as he started selling with Amazon FBA and made $32,000 between March 2017 and June 2017. By January 2018, he became a millionaire while still 21. Other milestones to follow include becoming a multimillionaire by age 23 thanks to selling brands and launching his eCommerce learning platform, Ecom Freedom.

Living life!

There is no sweeter joy than knowing you’ve worked hard and can buy and do whatever you want. 25-year-old Vas is still on a journey to success, but he takes the time out to enjoy the world as he makes milestones.

Dan Vas spends his time mainly between Europe, where he was born, Canada, and the United States.

Inspired by Fiji Islands

The Fiji Islands is an archipelago of over 300 islands. It attracts a lot of people due to its beautiful beaches and coral reefs. It is perfect for a vacation adventure. Vas describes his visit to Fiji as one of the most critical moments of his life.

“I went on a vacation to the world’s most exclusive and most luxurious tropical resort – Kokomo Private Island in Fiji. With rooms starting at $2,500 a night, and a staff of over 250

serving about 30-60 guests (when I was there, there were only about 16)” he says.

Vas says that this experience opened his eyes to what was possible when he went after his dreams and did not follow what society expected.

He also had a brilliant discovery while on vacation. He had learned that the billionaire that built that island, Lang Walker had also started from nothing and built his wealth

from nothing to become the owner of a real estate empire.” he explains.

“His private island resort in Fiji was a demonstration of his art, his work, and his success,” he explains.

This experience has inspired him to own the same resort one day or hotels in exciting locations.

Inspiration comes in many forms. You never know where you will be when the drive to push harder comes along. For Vas, it was from his IG feed where he wanted to be like a digital entrepreneur, traveling the world and making money, and his trip to the Fiji Islands.

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