The Girl Who Shone Like A Star: The Perfect Book For Everyone On Lock-down

Andrew Beckford is not your ordinary teacher. Andrew, who has taught in London for more than 18 years has published The Girl Who Shone Like A Star, January 2020.

He wrote the book with the sole intention to raise the self-worth of girls throughout the world. Andrew said “Never would I have thought how important this book would have been for children facing lock-down”.
Children throughout the world have become depressed and anxious ; some having nothing to do. The book has helped a lot in finding a new hobby such as reading and for others filling the gap that the lock-down has caused. So far, many children have bought his book, some from the school he has taught.

One of his students left a review on Amazon. It read:

Kindle Customer A Lowe-Vidal
Thoughtful and inspiring story.
Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 17 July 2020
Verified Purchase
A very easy to read book and one that can also be read in an educational setting as it demonstrates how young people deal with their medical issues, whilst trying to fit in and focus on their education. Very inspirational!

Another read:


It is reliable and received just as it stated. Great buy
Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 27 November 2020
Verified Purchase
Great book inspiring.

Although the author believes that lock-down is not mentally healthy for anyone, he says that it has allowed for student to read like never before. Reading has helped to relieve part of the problems of isolation that Lock-down carries with it and it is an opportunity to read as much as you like and to take you in a different world away from this depressed world that we are currently locked in.

This upcoming author loves to teach and so it is no surprise that the setting of his book is in a school. The Girl Who Shone Like A Star is centred around a girl by the name of Brittany Nevis who has Cystic Fibrosis; a genetic condition affecting more than 10.000 people in the UK, more than 30,000 people in the USA and more than 70,000 people in the world.

The book is written as a story with the main character, Brittany who is able to inspire her peers to be self-reliant, self-motivated and self-worthy. After reading this book, anyone will be able to move mountains and push on with their lives. The book is very educational and here he allows a snippet of The Girl Who Shone Like A Star:

Levi was all smile as he handed Chantelle the worksheet. All of my hard work and effort were now in the hands of Chantelle. I admit that I had helped Dimitri earlier. I thought he would have been in charge of the group. But Chantelle took the command. and I regretted my decision. I was furious to say the least, but I was helpless as I was at least 35 yards from them, and I didn’t want to cause a scene and get Mr. Grant riled up again. I tried to hear what they were saying to each other.

But they were too far away. All I could see was the gesticulating of hands and Dimitri putting up a good fight. Next thing I knew, the trundle wheels were flying in the air. I did not like what I was seeing and at the time was glad to be at a distance. I sensed to say the least, that something had gone horribly wrong.

Mr. Grant was at the far end of the pitch where the lazy bench and trees were. It was clearly his comfort zone, but not now. I wondered if he shouldn’t have positioned himself to rest closer to the middle of the pitch where he would have had a better vantage point of everything that was going on. He had to suspect something might happen. Things turned from bad to worse when I saw Dimitri whack. Chantelle with the trundle wheel. I understood how he felt. I wanted to whack her too. But I knew better than to follow through on that plan. Besides, Chantelle was someone you had be careful about tangling with, not only due to her size. She had a reputation around school and around town that would have given her a star on the Hollywood walk of fame. She came from a popular and powerful family. No wonder she was so smug and entitled. Within minutes, there was total chaos on the field, and everyone was running all over the place…..

Extract of The Girl Who Shone Like A Star.

The Girl Who Shone Like A Star is a must read and is available on Amazon throughout the world.

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