The Grown-Up Guide to Online Dating – 10 ways to enjoy online dating while improving your chances, according to love expert Sarah May Low

Sarah May Low is a successful businesswoman in Malaysia. She runs Sarah May Low Tarot Academy, a spiritual life coaching business where you counsel high-profile clients such as CEOs, Celebrities, Beauty Queens on business and relationships. Sarah is also a Ph.D. candidate, and her doctoral research covers online dating, intimate communication, interpersonal relationships, gender, and trust. Sarah shares her top tips on winning the game of love.

  1. Look after yourself and your SAFETY

Scammers and sexual predators are aplenty. This holds for both men and women. It is always better to meet in a public place, and you should never share your address. Please do not go to a stranger’s house, and never let someone you don’t know to be alone in your home unless they have demonstrated trustworthiness. Additionally, in terms of sexual health, avoid having sex on the first date, especially when it is unprotected, and you are at risk of acquiring HIV, STDs, and unwanted pregnancy.

  • Figure out your motives for online dating and be honest about them

Everyone has their agenda – whether it is friendship, sexual encounter, or committed love. Be straightforward about what you want and do not string people along or waste someone’s time.

3.         Be yourself—your Best Self.

Many of my clients tell me that they hate all the “fakeness” in courtship and that they want to be loved for “who they are,” so they take drastic measures like dressing like they have not taken a bath in 10 days or be vulgar in speech. Look, when I say be your best self, I am not telling you to fake your personality. When you have terrible hygiene and manners, it reflects how much you respect yourself and respect the person you are dating.

4.         Limit time spent on apps and the number of people you correspond with at any given time

Online dating may be exciting and addictive for some, but it can also be exhausting and overwhelming for others due to information overload. Pace yourself and give suitors enough time to be evaluated and create a connection with you before you move on to the next candidate. In this fast-paced world, people tend to move on too fast and have a “grass is always greener” mindset. They keep searching for what they think is perfection, but in fact, perfection is only an illusion.

5.         It is good to have high standards, but If you are not getting enough suitable matches, are you realistic?

If you want someone successful, are you successful yourself? If you want someone who is educated, are you educated yourself? Be realistic.

6.         Meet online matches in person as soon as possible

Relationships are initiated online, but it only starts when both people meet in person. Do not fool yourself and fall in love with an imaginary virtual person. This person may not even exist at all if they refuse to meet in person.

7.         Treat it like it’s your job.

A relationship is an investment of your time, money, efforts, emotions, make your investment worthwhile. There are 8 billion people out there in this world, and everyone can find someone. Most people do not see a life partner is because they are not trying or putting themselves out there enough. There more you put yourself out there, the higher your chance of meeting your soul mate.

8.         Show your personality in your profile.

You do not need a 10-page essay but show suitors what you like to do, your hobbies, and your passions. It also helps create common-ness with suitors and helpful as ice breakers, especially when you both share similar traits.

9.         Work your angles.

Have at least three recent pictures. The keyword here is recent, not from 10-20 years ago. You should also have at least three photos – a headshot, half body, and full body. If you want people to take you seriously, then have good pictures, no half-naked (for men), and cleavage (for women) images of yourself. No photos of pets, group pictures with friends, and, god forbid, pictures of you in diving gear or face mask.

10.       Don’t rush it.

A relationship is like a dance. There are times when you need to move quickly, and there are times when you take slow steps, but what is most important is that both people are in sync. Take the time to know someone first and do a thorough background check – are they married or wanted by the police? (Gasps!). It’s always better settling down later but with the right one than being impulsive and then making silly or expensive mistakes.

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