The Hottest Instagram Models

Instagram is the place to see the most beautiful people in the world. This list of beautiful models you need to follow shows so much more than just pretty faces. Each of these are someone with skills and experiences that reach beyond just wonderful images. They share their lives on Instagram, letting us not only enjoy their beauty, but see how interesting each of them is as a complete person.

Mónica Alvarez

The beauty of Italy and Spain met in California; her parents named her Monica. Dark eyes, luxurious hair, and a sultry look are what Monica Alvarez brings to Instagram. Playfully sharing her beauty and sexiness, she needs to be on everyone’s list of models to follow on Instagram. This second generation American is the face of the new “California girl”.

Matthew Noszka

Hot cars require hot drivers. One of the hottest men on Instagram and behind the wheel of some of the world’s sexiest machines is Matthew Noszka. Owner of 412 Motorsports and breathtakingly handsome, following Matthew on Instagram is nearly as rewarding as following him on the highway in one of his amazing machines! Like other legendary handsome men, like James Dean and Steve McQueen, Matthew combines a love of speed with a fantastic face and an infectious smile.

Sung Jin Park

While everyone on this list is a trendsetter, Sung Jin Park has a style all his own. Whether he’s doing another ad for Calvin Klein or just out shopping for groceries, “teriyakipapi” is impeccable. When you want to see what “naturally amazing” looks like, he is the one to follow. From rap videos to photoshoots, Jin Park looks like he belongs there.

Johannes Huebl

Imagine an impeccably dressed James Bond, only younger, hotter, and, well, German. That’s Johannes Huebl. Anyone who says, “The clothes maketh the man” hasn’t seen Johannes wearing the same styles as everyone else. Johannes maketh the style. Be warned: Don’t make eye contact because his eyes will draw you in with a sparkle and purity that’s breathtaking.

Dylan Ogline

Hot? Yes. Talented? Yes. Ambitious? Yes. Dylan Ogline is way more than a pretty face; he’s also the owner of a successful company and a business thought leader. He’s easy to look at, so that might make meetings a bit more enjoyable. If you want to have a  handsome man to look at while you learn about being an entrepreneur, Dylan is the man to follow on Instagram.

Alexis Ren

There are many beautiful faces in the world. While Alexis Ren might be one of the most stunning, she’s also real. She talks openly about her mother’s death and her eating disorder. This openness makes her human to her fans and followers, a refreshing change from the facade that so many models try to portray to the world.Her honesty might be just the thing for aspiring models to know that someone this lovely can overcome such a common concern.

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