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The Importance of Semi Micro Balance in Laboratories

A semi micro balance is used to measure the weight of various samples with a very high level of precision and accuracy. Compared to ordinary spring scales, the accuracy of micro and semi micro balances is not influenced by discrepancies in the local gravity as well as other environmental factors. A deviation in the strength of the gravitational field produced by repositioning the balance will not affect the weighted mass since the movements of force on both side of the balance beam are modified equally by the gravitational pull.

The weighing pans of a high precision semi micro balance are integrated inside a see-through enclosure with built- in doors that prevent dust from going in prohibit any air currents in the room from affecting the balance’s operation. With the use of a vented safety enclosure, the analytical balance has distinctively designed acrylic airfoils that allows an efficient airflow free of any turbulence resulting weighing of masses of as minute as 1 micro gram without variations or loss of product.

Analytical accuracy of a semi micro balance is achieved by retaining a constant load on its balance beam and by deducting mass on either side of the beam where the sample is added. The final weight is achieved by utilizing a small spring force, instead of subtracting fixed weights. This enables the weight to be inserted as a precise adjustment.

Most semi micro balance are highly in demand among laboratories and research institutions. Chemical analysis is one of the sectors where these devices are often used due to its precision and accuracy significantly required for quantitative chemical analysis. Semi-micro balances are used to weigh the smallest samples. They offer a capacity of up to 6 g with readability up to .0000001 grams.  This can provide weights in more than a dozen units, including grams, kilograms, pounds, newtons, grains, and ounces.

A lot of things can influence the precision of a semi micro balance. From internal humidity to operating temperature, the environment where the weighing is taking place, vibration, air currents and other natural factors can affect the performance of these devices. As a result, it is crucial to make sure that the balance is kept inside an enclosed uncontaminated space and ensure it is leveled correctly to make sure that the most accurate and precise results are achieved. It is equally important to ensure it is regularly maintained and serviced.

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