The most effective method to Test Drive Windows 11 Without Installing Anything

You would now be able to demo Windows 11 from your web program, because of another website page made by a creative designer known as “Blue Edge.”

The page allows anybody to see Windows 11 firsthand, regardless of whether your PC doesn’t meet the OS’s severe equipment prerequisites, and without introducing an incomplete beta form of Windows 11 on your PC. I gave it a shot in Chrome and Edge and it turned out great, so it ought to be open in pretty much any program.

Presently, all things considered, this is anything but a completely useful amusement of Windows 11, nor is it a far off work area running the OS. The website page is truly a (exceptionally persuading) reenactment regarding the genuine article—though with restricted association. For example, you can open the Start menu, search gadget, Edge program, and Windows Store, however these are simply persuading mockups with a couple of intuitive areas to sell the impact.

The taskbar symbols in the lower right additionally react precisely to your framework’s time, date, battery, and web association status, however floating over a symbol or easy route will not show the tooltip text that would typically show up in Windows 11.

Windows 11’s redesignd File Explorer isn’t functional in the Blue Edge sim, either—essentially until further notice. Opening File Explorer will open another organizer window, however all it says is “Coming Soon.” Still, it gives a sign of how Windows 11’s sleeker, adjusted application and envelope windows will glance in real life.

Outside of those couple of mockups, be that as it may, the vast majority of the page is a simply visual portrayal of the default Windows 11 work area.

The Notification Center and News gadgets are static pictures instead of intuitive components, and nothing happens when you click the Recycle Bin or Settings menu symbols, or on the other hand if your attempt to show the covered up taskbar symbols. The equivalent goes for a large portion of the “applications” in the Start Menu.

A couple of will open new pages to Blue Edge’s web-based media profiles, be that as it may, and the Github symbol opens the Win 11 in React project page for the individuals who need to become familiar with it.

All things considered, the Win 11 in React page is a for the most part exact portrayal of how Windows 11 looks and acts, and anybody inquisitive about the following rendition of Windows should try it out. It’s not the complete Windows 11 experience, but rather it’s a ton simpler than updating your PC to introduce an incomplete beta variant.

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