The topic we are discussing today is fusion music. For this purpose, we invited Mr. Pirbod, a prominent and successful singer, to accompany us and give us explanations in this regard.

Music, like any other art, has a variety of styles. One of our five senses is hearing, which is a gift for listening to music. Hearing alone is not enough for this art. Have a good understanding of music. Each person’s taste chooses a particular style or styles of listening. If we use each of these styles together and create a piece of music, we are actually creating fusion music.

The composer must have a purpose behind making a piece of music in a combined way. If you realize this goal, listening to the combined songs will be more interesting for you than before and the music will open the window for you.

 Two instruments may be chosen for a different country and two completely different cultures for a piece of music. But to create a beautiful blend, you have to be smart and create similarities.

Definition of fusion music

This type of music has another name; Fusion music. The word fi conveys the meaning of this style of music. The history of fusion music dates back to about 50 years ago. In those years, some musicians did this with a jazz instrument. Improvisation caused them to play the jazz instrument in a way that harmonized with different styles such as blues, rock and.. In this way, they can combine several styles and create a new style.

They called this innovative style of jazz fusion, because they used electrical structures to make a piece and used the presence of instruments such as the piano.

After fusion music became popular among listeners and musicians, it became popular for other genres as well. From then on, whenever a piece of music from two or more styles of music was played, it was called fusion music. This was a new event in the world of music.

Fusion music in Iran

We are new to this style in Iranian music. These musics become a masterpiece if created artistically. Iranian bands About this style of music Deng Band was one of the bands that introduces itself to the people as a composite music. Other groups did the same and reflected on the story.

If you are at a professional level and want to create a different work, master all the features of different styles of music. In addition, you need to know the capabilities of musical instruments and be powerful enough to be able to twist multiple cultures together and create a unique work of art. A work that everyone is interested in hearing about different music cultures.

In this way, many people combine traditional and pop music. He may not be interested in traditional music and therefore is a stranger to this style. In this work, listening to the heart with a mixed style, makes his mind curious to get more information from this style. For this reason, many people became acquainted with the traditional Iranian style and culture, and their tastes in music spread.

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