Think about perfection and bulks of professionalism ? Akanksha singh mourya is here.

What does it take fobr a allahabad girl to imagine a life she wants and turning the joyous sights of mind into reality.

Akanksha singh mourya from India Currently living in Dubai is undoubtedly an inspiration for her age mates who wanna pursue a career of their imagination. She thought it and did it.

Apart from being a international model , Akanksha singh mourya is a successful actress , an entrepreneur and a social activist . What else you expect from life ? What a normal person thinks of , she has achieved all at a quite generous age.

This lady of huge talents has featured in “Street Dancers” with Actor ”Varun Dhawan” & Actress “Shraddha Kapoor” and team of “Dance India Dance stars” for famous & viral song “Illegal weapon 2.0” which featured on YOUTUBE. Apart from being successful in her life , she has always been excellent in her college grades also.

Being a really down to earth personality she says that she is not great person to advice , even though she has achieved a lot of success. while sharing her personal expenses she believe in hard work and says that its the only way to rise up, and suggest to never loose your belief and confidence.

The young talented girl says that men are important but women are most expensive and valuable thing that men got. We heard her quoting ,” Respect and care the women. In this era, many things changed but still many are there who haven’t changed, not even changed their mindset. So just want to say we will be happy and can enjoy if we move with the trend.”
However just like every struggle story It was not easy for the inspirational personality as well.

Facing many things in life her journey is also full of hard work and up downs. Coming out of small town being married never thought about it. But it started all of sudden & by god grace she entered into this now. Hopefully she is going to be a epitome for all the aspiring women who just needs a pump to get their destiny in their hands.

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