Tinktinkbaby the upcoming plus size model

When we asked Tinktinkbaby’s real name, Schley Saucer.
It’s me, Schley Saucer, a 25-year-old, looking to work in the plus-size modeling industry.

My birth place is Washington, DC and I’m currently living in the Atlanta area. I was homeless for 5 years and I’m slowly getting back on my feet. I’m returning stronger than ever! I love fashion and being able to express myself through what I wear. I work in the music industry and want to expand into modeling as fashion gives me a sense of freedom to express myself. I follow Na0 and Passion Jonesz, to name a few, on Instagram and I love their fashion sense in how they present themselves to their fans. I would love to travel the world, taking the best photos, and expressing myself through fashion!

Instagram: instagram.com/tinktinkbaby/

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