Tips on arranging composition by Ehsan Sadeghi, one of the best in this field

Find your original piece


This may be difficult for you to swallow a bitter pill; Especially if you have little time and energy to put the different layers together. . . But you should know that it is not necessary to consider all the sounds in the mix. In fact, the focus is large enough to focus on one or more elements at a time.

In general, it will be easier and more productive to decide which setting to prioritize and which to support.

It goes without saying that a good setting is to find the original piece of your song and build a framework around it.

1. There are three different types of tuning, and that tuning is not just about arranging sections in the song.

2. Why is tuning important in music, and what does it have to do with your number one goal as a songwriter?

3. When is the time to compose a song?

4. The loop can be turned into a tuned song

5. There are six hyperbit keys for better setting

The biggest myth about song tuning

What is a setting? The answer is somewhat clear. Tuning is working on a song from beginning to end, including introductions, verses, buildups, courses, breakdowns, drops, and endings.

And of course, this is a traditional definition of tuning, and it means moving different parts of your song to the right part. We will explain how to do this.

But if you believe that everything should be in order, do not forget that there is a framework for better putting together different parts of your music. Setting up a way to examine the song from several different angles in order to remove extra sections and work on effective sections. Any kind of setting does not mean that your audience’s song is 100% absorbed.

There are actually three types of tuning, and serious decision-making is required for all three to match your music to your favorite music.

The first and most familiar type is a structural arrangement that transfers energy and different parts of the song to their proper part.

Next is tuning the instrument, which means how to play the notes, chords and melodies between the various instruments used in your song. Remember this can change along the way! Moving the melody line from the vocals to the synthesizer may cause the song to end in a new and fresher way.

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