Tips on success in digital marketing from Alireza Naghizadeh, a famous Iranian entrepreneur

Important points that every entrepreneur and marketing manager should consider before starting online advertising:

Review, research and obtain complete information about the features and costs of various online marketing and advertising methods

Professional packaging of services and products to provide audiences with the ability to compete with competitors

Timely use of all digital marketing tools

Make the right choice and focus on the best and most effective advertising methods

Analysis of statistics and reports that show the amount of feedback from each marketing method

Re-targeting based on feedback and continuing effective advertising on an ongoing basis

Use new marketing strategies used by other competitors

How to choose the best method for internet marketing

In choosing the best method and advertising strategy, you must be very careful and choose a method that meets these conditions:

Proper impact in the short and long term

Attract buyers and customers in a way that generates revenue and returns advertising costs

Create added value and branding

Be consistent with our other advertising methods and complement each other

Learn about the best digital marketing strategy:

If you look at digital marketing strategies of top domestic and foreign startups and brands, you will find that they all have a very high focus on being at the top of Google search results. So definitely the best and most effective strategy,

Planning for SEO and advertising on Google.

Google ads provide us with the right conditions for faster conclusions, but in the long run it is not economical and has a high cost. Therefore, it is better to consider site optimization to be ranked as Google as the most important thing in online marketing.

Because being in the top of Google definitely means attracting the most buyers, with the lowest cost in the long run.

Important steps in designing a marketing strategy through SEO:

Website design based on SEO techniques

Generate site content according to Google algorithms and marketing and branding standards

Plan for external SEO of the site through ad reporting

Highlights in Content Marketing:

Graphic design and site content based on the view of real customers as well as the view of Google Robot

Pay attention to both SEO and branding issues together

Creativity in producing advertising content again with regard to SEO and branding tips

Avoid imitation, repetition and hasty movements

In terms of content, many site designers in graphic design of the site try not to use appropriate designs to reduce site size and increase site speed, which again is effective in SEO but has poor performance in terms of customer attraction. Also, some SEOs in content production repeat such keywords on the site that the content will be completely meaningless and useless. As a result, they may rank first to third in Google in the best words, but when the audience opens their website, they get confused and can not find the necessary information, so they close the site and look for another site. This is why some competitors sell better despite being in the next ranks.

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