Creating an enviable fan base as DJ and producer, artist, writer and fashion photographer, Troy Bronson has yet another wonder to present to the world in the form of his book Station 2020: Journey Unfathomable. 

Undoubtedly a product of destiny, Bronson tasted many vicissitudes of life to emerge victorious through his honest efforts and hard struggle. This has made Bronson a bit philosophical with his attempt to fathom the depths of society being its corollary. 

Station 2020: Journey Unfathomable would give its readers a wonderful opportunity to fathom Bronson’s creativity.

As days and years have passed, we now find Bronson as a globally-known personality with a combination of many talents and skills. What is worth appreciating, Bronson today is a youth icon having a large number of followers and fans. Here, the zest for life and survivalist tendencies of Bronson comes to the fore as he considers his early days in the Mexican State of Sinaloa as a thing of the past. 

Here, we must thank his maternal grandmother, a pious lady, who always looked forward despite problems and poverty, who played a major role in his upbringing. She acted as a great source of inspiration for him.  

Bronson is an achiever at an early age which is no mean gain. It is more so as he had a humble beginning yet he used poverty and humble background as a springboard to be catapulted in the global theatre as a creative person having travelled 34 countries and working with the Oscar-nominated directors as a photographer and location scout. 

After coming to the USA and attending UC Berkeley, he chiselled his arts and also gave the finest expression to the artist that lived within his persona. It was Los Angeles that defined his artistic life. 

Bronson’s extensive travel across the world and chance to work with the Oscar-nominated directors exposed him well in the world of art. They paved the way for his entry into the fields of global drama, music, writing, documentary, and fashion photography. 

Bronson has altruistic tendencies. That is why he is always at the forefront of social and community services in his current hometown in California and also abroad.  

Bronson is born of mixed Indigenous American, European, and Jewish ancestry. 

Bronson’s love for techno DJ developed during his trips in Europe and also made him quite selective in naming his tracks, trying to make them nearer to the true sense of it. 

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