Turkish Engineer Oğuz Atay’s 86th Birthday Celebrating with Doodle

The present Doodle, represented by Istanbul-based visitor craftsman Enes Diriğ, commends the 86th birthday celebration of Turkish author, playwright, engineer, and professor Oğuz Atay.

His 1972 novel “Tutunamayanlar” (“The Disconnected”) is generally acclaimed as one of the most noteworthy Turkish books of the twentieth century.

With his dependence on moving account points of view and mix of dreams and reality, Atay was among the primary Turkish journalists to investigate the postmodern style known as metafiction.

Oğuz Atay was conceived on this day in 1934, in Inebolu, a beach front town on the Black Sea in the Kastamonu Province of Turkey.

Brought up in an all around associated family, he got top training and proceeded to seek after a vocation in the field of structural designing.

In 1960, Atay turned into a speaker at the Istanbul State Engineering and Architecture Academy, yet it was the fiction he wrote in his vacation that came to characterize his heritage.

Atay entered the spotlight of Turkish writing with the distribution of “Tutunamayanlar” in 1972, a transcending abstract accomplishment which he followed up with a quick series of books through the ’70s.

At the same time, he proceeded with his showing vocation and in 1975 was made a partner educator.

Atay’s “Tutunamayanlar” was recognized by UNESCO in 2002 as a significant artistic work needing an English interpretation.

It has since been converted into English, Dutch, and German, opening Atay’s original novel to non-Turkish perusers around the globe.

Happy birthday, Oğuz Atay!

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