Under the Leadership of Star Performing CEO Venkata Kiran Amruthavaakkula, KCS Technologies Inc. Is Growing Really Fast

There are people who believe in themselves and achieve great things; then, people make others believe in them and make things happen. Here I am going to talk about one such person who belongs to the latter category – the CEO of KCS Technologies Inc. Venkata Kiran Amruthavaakkula

You must have heard of growth-minded people, Kiran is one. Wherever he works, or we can say whatever he puts his mind into, everything starts to grow, from a company’s brand image to the company’s revenue. And it is evident from the way KCS has been doing even during the pandemic. When some companies were laying off people because of the pressure, at the same time, KCS hired more and more employees worldwide during the pandemic. It is not just it; KCS even opened a new office in the Indonesian entity during the COVID 19 lockdown. KCS bagged worth 2.5 million projects from Indonesia. Apart from this, the brand’s name was displayed at Times Square, New York City.

When I got to know this, I wondered how on earth some people are busy achieving heights even during the lockdown. Of course, it has nothing to do with Luck. Because Luck also cannot do anything when you don’t have a proper strategy. Venkata Kiran is a person with an approach and farsightedness.

It is because of his abilities KCS could earn both fame and revenue during this pandemic. He makes plans for the company to deal in a normal situation, but he also develops strategies to work under unwanted circumstances.

Once in an interview, he was asked about the key to success, he humbly said, “Powerful strategies and timely implementation is the key to success.” Every bit of it is true because, with his work, he had proved how right he was when he said so!

Undoubtedly, more and more investors/venture capitalists would want to showcase their interest in funding this upcoming technology giant. The world needs more and more people like him to inspire others to do more, to achieve more to the best of their capabilities!

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