Upcoming musical talent DDB Yayo enthrals listeners with his two new singles, ‘Lemme Lone’ and ‘To the top’.

This young American musical artist is already is a ‘Rising Star’ in Orlando with his musical craft, skills and talents.

Of all the things that have attracted the attention of people from across the world, the rise and emergence of young talents from different industries and sectors is something that has made more headlines. The way these individuals, especially youngsters, have chosen to create their path towards success and the level of perseverance and passion they have shown to even go under the grind only to rise up again as a refined talent has allowed a few of them to attain unimaginable success. The music industry of the world is known for producing the greatest of talents, but certain youngsters make their unique standing even amidst the much aggressive industry. DDB Yayo serves as one of the finest examples of such uniquely talented musical artists, who has undoubtedly become the ‘Rising Star’ of Orlando as a musician and songwriter.

Rising Star, which is his EP, gave DDB Yayo the reach, presence and recognition he truly deserves. However, it is time to rejoice again as this supremely talented artist has now come up with two of his other hit tracks to yet again spread his magic in music and make listeners fall in love with his work. The two songs, ‘Lemme Lone’ and ‘To the top’, have garnered immense love and plaudits from the audiences; the proof is the growing number of views and streams across streaming platforms.

Lemme Lone, which was released towards the end of May, exudes DDB Yayo’s unique vibe and style, and so does the track To the top, which is his latest release. DDB Yayo, on the release of his two tracks, said, “Well, giving something new to the audiences is what I work towards always, making sure that they get something new, real, and honest through my musical craft. That’s how Lemme Lone and To the top has been created.”

The 21-year-old upcoming musician and songwriter, since a very young age, had begun his journey in music and after realizing that music is where his heart is, he dived deep into the game to build a flourishing career for himself and, most importantly, touch the hearts of music lovers and listeners with his impeccable music talents and passion, which he has been doing incredibly.

To listen to his amazing tracks, follow the links –
Lemme Lone – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BHiSITZDO-w
To the top – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=crWlXlOa85I or follow him on Instagram @ddb_yayo https://instagram.com/ddb_yayo?utm_medium=copy_link to know more.

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