Utkarsh Raj, A Young Online Marketer, Persisted In The Face Of Adversity And Grew As A Winner

Utkarsh’s name is synonymous to efficiency, honesty and grit as the young digital marketer.

Becoming a numero uno at the age of 19 itself, is no child’s play. But, for Utkarsh Raj it may be said that technology became game for him as that’s what he loved the most since the time he was in school. This love of his for the technological world today has made him one of the youngest online marketers of the industry that is already quite saturated. This proves even more about Utkarsh as even after being into cutthroat competition with others; he has imprinted his name amongst the best in the industry already.

If one can dream about it, one can even achieve it. Utkarsh believed in this simple yet meaningful idea and started his expedition into the technological world at the naive age of only nine. As a school kid, young Utkarsh learnt as much as he could about technology and as he turned 12, he also turned his focus on learning to code, making apps with games, investing in Bitcoins and trying his luck in flipping electronic online.

Utkarsh attained success at whatever he touched; with time, he kept learning new things and gaining success even in flipping electronics, he invested a lot in crypto-currency by saving a lot of capital. Still, he did not stop learning and learnt more about Facebook ads and the world of dropshipping.

He is the young gun of the online marketing industry who today has reached a stage in life where he enjoys all the luxuries in life and can live a life of his dreams. However, Utkarsh stands out amongst the rest even here; he believes that life must be filled with compassion and one must work for the betterment of the society as well. He wants to work for people by supporting and helping them. Utkarsh today is so financially independent that he can extensively travel to all the places of the world, has the ability to meet top-class entrepreneurs, spend luxurious time at five-star hotels and explore many other aspects of life like a king.

Still, he chooses to stay grounded and only thinks about helping people in the society and be the real difference in the world. There’s absolutely nothing that this young man can’t afford to achieve. He turned many Shopify stores lucrative by creating 30 of them all by himself. He created three of them within some weeks itself. And, out of one of these stores, Utkarsh earns a revenue of $50,000 to $100,000 each day.

If this is not brilliance then what is; Utkarsh is a true blue young gentleman and entrepreneur that inspires so many other youngsters in the world, to encourage them to dream bigger, achieve bigger and also help people better.

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