Valentines Day : Qixi Festival celebrating with Doodle

The present Doodle celebrates the Qixi Festival, otherwise called Qixi Valentine’s Day, a festival of affection saw in Taiwan every year on the seventh day of the seventh lunar month.

The occasion follows its underlying foundations to an old Chinese story of prohibited sentiment. The legend recounts a human cow herder named Niúláng and a pixie named Zhinü–the little girl of the goddess of paradise who experienced passionate feelings for and marry covertly.

At the point when Zhinü’s mom found that her little girl had hitched a human man, she precluded their affection and requested Zhinü come back to paradise.

Niúláng endeavored to discover his significant other in paradise, yet the goddess made a waterway between them, referred to today as the Milky Way.

Moved by Niúláng’s awfulness, a huge number of jaybirds shaped an extension over the stream to rejoin the couple, a scene rethought in the Doodle craftsmanship.

Thusly, the goddess consented to permit the star-crossed sweethearts to meet once per year on this day.

To pay tribute to the pair’s yearly gathering, individuals across Taiwan take this day to commend the ones they love.

Happy Qixi Festival!

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