Velveteen Dream has been delivered by WWE, affirmed by our Dave Meltzer.

Dream (Patrick Clark Jr.) was essential for a few NXT discharges in the course of recent days. He hadn’t contended in a match since December 2020, losing to Adam Cole on a scene of NXT. He had been utilized sparingly through the most recent four months of the year, wrestling only multiple times.

As of now, there is no information regarding what caused his delivery.

Part of the 6th period of Tough Enough, the 25-year-old was endorsed by WWE in the fall of 2015 and contended under his genuine name for almost two years. He appeared the Velveteen Dream character in the spring of 2017 and it immediately turned into a fan top choice.

He won the North American title from Johnny Gargano in mid-2019 and held the title through September of that year, losing it to Roderick Strong following 231 days a hero.

As a feature of the Speaking Out development last April that focused light on sexual maltreatment and offense in the star wrestling industry, he was blamed for sending pictures to underage young men. More charges emerged in June, however, he denied all claims, saying, “A private photograph of mine was shared without my assent or information and I am working with an outsider to investigate this matter.” He was likewise associated with an auto collision around the very time in June that took him off the TV.

Last August, Paul Levesque was gotten some information about the charges and said WWE investigated them and “there was nothing there,” again saying he because taken off TV was because of the auto collision.

Eight live gifts were cut Wednesday including Alexander Wolfe and disputable ref Drake Wuertz.

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