Visionary, resolute, oncoming: The story of an entrepreneur, Mohammad Zaid Khalid

Every once in a while, we come across stories that inspire us, motivate us and reinstate or faith that if one works hard enough, with the determination to do something that makes this life worthwhile, there is no goal unattainable and no finish line too far. Such is the story of Mohammad Zaid Khalid, a real estate developer, from a small town of Prayagraj, with a history that not everybody knows. The fact that he comes from the family of farmers and dairymen and how today he is a renowned figure in the real estate industry is enough to gauge the journey behind him. The ambition to establish his own business was there since his childhood and as soon as he completed his secondary school he wanted to get a taste of the industry.

When Zaid expressed his plans to his father, Abdul Khalid, he had the obvious apprehensions. Due to the family background Zaid’s father thought it would be better if Zaid completed his studies first. When he expressed this concern to Zaid, he understood the cruciality of the situation and subsequently completed his graduation from Dayal Singh College, Delhi University. Once graduated, Zaid started contributing in the dairy. He worked laboriously to understand the functioning of the dairy and made notes of the points where an upgrade was necessary. He helped his father to take the dairy to unimaginable heights, increased production and greater profits. The work at dairy was an advantageous hands-on experience.

This was when Zaid saw the booming real estate industry and wanted to exploit the most out of the market. One investment led to another and huge profits kept coming his way; his business has been growing exponentially every day and he intends to keep it that way through his hard work. Other than his business what defines Zaid is his desire to help the society. He funds the medical, educational and marital needs of the underprivileged people to the best of his capability. Between the business and the charity, Zaid makes sure to find some time for himself and unwind with some music or a nice book to read. He is also very particular about his health and fitness and enjoys body building. Zaid is a true example for everyone who has beginner’s fear but aims to achieve big things in life. He learns and grows every day and applies his life learnings to his business to stay true to his values and virtues and keep his business ever-expanding.

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