We asked Mr. Foolad Veis, the top musicians, to talk to us about making and making music

This song is a rhythmic and sometimes non-rhythmic music that contains happy, sad, soothing, descriptive and its lyrics. In ancient times, poets composed their poems without the use of musical instruments. Over time, with the advancement of technology and the increase of human intelligence, musical sounds were discovered and based on it, various musical instruments such as string instruments, percussion instruments, etc. were invented. Some of these instruments still retain their originality and are still used in composing various songs after centuries.

The purpose of the above was to acquaint you somewhat with how to invent an instrument, because basically most songs are accompanied by an instrument and we have almost no songs without an instrument. But the basis of composing a poem is its melody, which means that without a suitable text and song for it, it will be practically impossible to create a song. Of course, non-verbal songs can be considered an exception to this.

Start making songs with songs

To get started, you need to create an appropriate and emotional song first, some of the singers write the song themselves, but some also prefer to get very professional songs from the songwriters. The lyrics of the songs, as mentioned, can be romantic or express the current social, economic and political conditions.

Choose the right melody

The singer chooses the right melody for the song with the help of the songwriter. This stage is very important and sensitive like the songwriting stage, and if the melody does not have a good rhythm or has a repetitive mood, it will definitely lose a large audience, and in the end, this song will fail.

In my opinion, a song like “Everything is a bride” has a special rhythm and song that is easily recorded in the listener’s mind and naturally becomes a memory. Choosing a professional melody depends on the skill and power of the arranger and composer.

Making basic music

After selecting the melody and writing the notes by the arranger, it is time to record the music pieces and mix them by the composing software. Software such as QUBIS and FL Studio are very professional in this field and most composers and arrangers use this software.

A song usually has a rhythm, so the first component will be the proper rhythm, which has a specific speed or tempo played by the tuner.

The second component of the chord song is that it acts as the basis of the song and will have a great impact on the beauty of the song, usually instruments such as guitar and piano are used to make the chords.

Arpeggio is also used in part of the song, usually in the part of the song where the singer is singing, the arpeggio is played with a guitar or piano.

Finally, the next component of the song is its melody, which is played by instruments such as violin, flute, guitar, piano, Turkish instrument, fiddle, dulcimer, and so on. It plays at the same time and adds rhythm and chords to the beauty of the song.

Record the singer’s voice

Of course, before the music steps are performed and recorded, it must be adjusted to the singer’s voice, which is also the responsibility of the arranger. Therefore, before composing, the singer should be asked to compose a piece of the song and specify the music steps with the recorded sound.

However, after composing and completing the song, it is time to record the singer’s voice. At this time, the singer goes to a special room where there are many holes in the walls where it is impossible to repeat the singer’s voice.

The singer puts the headset on his ear and sings the poem along with the tone and rhythm of the song. to be. Therefore, it is necessary for the tuner to be in stereo mode and monitor the recording of the singer’s voice from moment to moment.

The final stage is mixing and mastering

After recording the singer’s voice, the tuner combines the singer’s voice with the song, all the noise related to the singer’s voice is taken and by performing the relevant filters and changing the sound equalizer, it combines it with the song in the best way possible. Will.

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