What a professional musician should know, from the words of Mohammad Amighi:

Record your workouts.

By recording and listening to your own practice and improvisation, you will notice that you use phrases or sometimes techniques that are unique to you. This is the process of comparing and determining how you differ from other musicians.

Try to learn the song by ear.

The best musicians and musicians in the world have a very precise ear. The fastest way to develop a strong ear for music is to play your favorite songs without looking at the sheet music or tablature of the piece. Learning pieces at elementary levels can be done with sheet music or tablature, but for an intermediate and advanced musician who aims to find his own style, sheet music will keep you stuck in a certain pattern.

Understanding the content of styles.

Research styles that are close to your favorite style. You may be able to incorporate techniques and ideas from those styles into your playing. Remember that mixing styles helps make your instrument sound different from others.

Feel deep down.

Play the instrument with love and feeling, feel the notes completely and remember that music is art; Another way to communicate. If you can’t relate to a piece, don’t listen to it. You are not a robot! To play a piece, you need to have a heart for that music. So don’t torture yourself.

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