What are the requirements for reading? Remarkable points from the language of “Hadi Hamrahi”, the famous star of Iranian music

Having talent, practice and focus and a combination of the two can get you to the position you love in singing. Of course, you also need to know that the natural capacity of sound can be much more effective than this combination. To achieve a pleasant and appropriate sound, you need to practice and practice.

According to research and studies published by the Daily Mail and Medical Daily, in order to reach the peaks of success as a famous singer, in addition to having natural talent, having patience and training from top music teachers can get you to the position of a singer as soon as possible. Famous approach.

For example, if you incorporate a combination of these three strategies into your work plan, you can reach the status of a singer like Bojli and enter the ranks of professionals in the mysterious world of singing. A good voice with a great education becomes a unique voice that others enjoy hearing.

If we want to go back to Iran 40 years ago, a lot of people said that we are talking about a singer. For example, when it was said that everyone is angry with their mother, tomorrow she will become a singer.

But today, giving money and having money has been able to add many people to the country’s singers without knowing the pinnacle of the science of singing. The arrival of amazing sound change devices and of course the huge studios has been able to persuade many to choose the world of singing to continue their lives.

As today and at this hour we can hear hundreds of thousands of voices from new singers, without even knowing a word about them and their fame. This can be understood as the fact that none of the songs and their works have a birth certificate.

If you are very adventurous and find out why they become singers, you will find that they themselves do not know why they have joined the readers. Some become singers in order to fill their pockets with money, and others put the singer’s name on themselves just to attract the attention of others for a certain period of time.

Therefore, we can point out several disadvantages of the singing profession that will not be of much value to music audiences. The music is noticed by the audience so that the singer sings out of love and interest and shows the capacity of his voice. In addition, the value of the poem that the singer chooses is a sign of his respect for the music audience.

Biography of Hadi Hamrahi

Hadi accompanies famous and well-known Iranian musicians in the style of pop music, he has released 3 official music so far, he was born in April 1993.

Hadi is one of the well-known pop singers and has very famous music.

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