What is the term spinal stenosis, and what are its symptoms? According to Dr. Iman Kamali Hakim

The term spinal stenosis is commonly used when bumps and bony appendages narrow the spinal canal.

Characteristics of spinal canal stenosis

It is usually seen in people over 55 years old

With activities such as walking and standing that narrow the spinal canal, symptoms such as pain, burning, numbness, tingling appear, usually eliminated by sitting. Symptoms are typically bilateral and occur in both limbs.

The history of pain due to canal stenosis is usually gradual, and the risk of canal stenosis increases with age.

Generally, if a fixed bone factor causes canal stenosis, it cannot be treated with non-surgical methods. If the symptoms are not debilitating or progressive, conservative treatments such as lifelong physiotherapy should be given to the patient at long intervals. But in case of severe sensory and motor symptoms and weakness and progressive numbness in the muscles of the upper or lower limbs, surgical advice is needed.

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