What you need to know about breathwork and why SOMA Breath is leading this new trend

With the onset of global lockdowns, many people have turned to new methods of caring for their mental and physical health. Conscious breathing is one such way. Growing scientific evidence and easy access make breathwork one of the top wellness trends in 2021. Rapid shallow breathing which many of us practice on a daily basis tends to accumulate anxiety and stress. Practitioners of breathwork advocate for “conscious breathing,” which entails paying conscious attention to one’s breathing patterns and breathing into the belly rather than the chest.

Apart from physical benefits, various breathwork techniques can assist in reaching elevated levels of consciousness and mental clarity. Of the many breathwork schools, SOMA Breath is taking the lead due to its unique method of mixing ancient-based Pranayama methods and modern rhythmic music.

According to the creator of the method and founder of the SOMA Breath School, Niraj Naik, “SOMA Breath teaches ancient breathing techniques that create a powerful cleansing effect to strengthen your immune system and overall health. During these sessions, powerful emotional releases can occur, increasing your vibrational energy and ability to feel entirely present. At a higher vibrational state, negative emotions and trauma can be cleansed from the mind and body, and your ability to be in a state of flow becomes effortless.”

It is impressive that Naik was able to fashion modern science and ancient methods together to make one-of-a-kind natural treatments. SOMA Breath has been able to grow considerably during the pandemic. The instructors of SOMA Breath are well-trained specialists who work diligently and are amiable with the practitioners online. Due to its rapidly growing platform, the trend has been adopted by many individuals of all ages. Additionally, the techniques of SOMA breath can be customized to match one’s pace. Easy access, original music, and growing scientific evidence for breathwork and its impact on mental and physical health – these elements attract more and more people as SOMA Breath grows globally.

We are excited to see the fast adaptation of the technique and wish the SOMA Breath team a safe and successful journey in this critical time.

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