WhatsApp chief announces release of iPad application: ‘We’d love to do that’

WhatsApp’s boss has a directive for the people who have been clamoring for a local iPad application: don’t surrender trust.

“People have wanted an iPad app for a long time.” Will Cathcart, the head of WhatsApp at its parent company Meta, told The Verge during an interview this week tied to a new US marketing push for the messaging app. “We’d love to do it.”

Like Instagram for the iPad, a variant of WhatsApp for Apple’s tablet has since a long time ago escaped clients notwithstanding being an intensely mentioned highlight. And keeping in mind that Cathcart wouldn’t venture to such an extreme as to focus on the arrival of an iPad adaptation, his remarks propose it’s conceivable that one will be inherent the not so distant future, particularly since WhatsApp has constructed the hidden innovation required for such a customer to work.

“We did a lot of work on the technology for supporting multiple devices,” Cathcart said, referencing the rollout of opt-in, multi-device support for WhatsApp last year. “Our web and our desktop apps now have that. If I have multi-device on, I can turn my phone off or lose my network connection and still get messages on my desktop. That would be really important for a tablet app, to be able to use the app even if your phone isn’t on. So the underlying technology is there.”

In view of the manner in which WhatsApp scrambles messages, it generally hasn’t had the option to match up visits across gadgets over the web like most other informing applications work. So in the event that WhatsApp on your telephone didn’t approach the web, the work area customer didn’t work. The beta rendition of multi-gadget support allows you to adjust your WhatsApp account on up to four gadgets all at once, a cycle that includes planning gadget identifiers to a record key on WhatsApp’s servers such that’s actually encoded. Presently that such matching up innovation exists, there’s a decent opportunity that one of WhatsApp for iPad is at last not too far off.

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