Why Arod Is Saving Culture In 2020

Is it really too much to ask for? A rapper that doesn’t sound outdated, that still has something real to say? A character, not another copy, someone people can actually identify with?

Most of us, we got into rap because of the hunger. We wanted to listen to people coming from similar places in life, with the hunger for more. Nowdays, we are listening to playlists full of people telling us how well they’re fed.

We get it, you’ve got to stay with the sound of the time, especially in such contemporary cultures as hiphop, the culture that in 2020 arguably is the most influential and dominant in the world. But where is the individuality gone?

When a culture becomes too popular, it loses it’s character, as the purpose behind the creation changes. A lot of real artists see the commercial potential and react solely to the reception. Songs are not written to express emotions anymore, it’s about being short enough not to be skipped in playlists, being TikTok-able, going viral with anything but the music itself.

That’s all fair. But who do we turn to for new, good music these days?
Frankly, I stumbled over Austin, Texas rapper Arod’s album review on LATabloid.

I don’t know why, even though they never shape my opinion on the music, I still love to read album reviews. And this one was absolutely ecstatic. I was intrigued and – wow.


First of all, what brilliant beat picking! This album is a gem for anyone who loves to detect old soul samples between modern 808 patterns.

The artist himself delivers with a voice as distinctive as only the big boys like The Game or Nas can.

All that with an effortless variety of flows and storytelling that captures you from the first sentence.

Listening to Arod is an hour well spent, whether you’re working out, in the office, driving or just sitting back and paying full attention.

It’s far from monotonous superficial flexing, we’re listening to a young man sharing stories from an eventful life.

And sharing dreams and visions of a better one. It’s refreshing and delightful to see there are still artists out there trusting their own skills and craft, being passionate about what they do.

His debut album ‘Lend me your ear’ is exactly what you should do, right now.
Thank us later.

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