Why Composite Decking Is More Popular Than Ever In 2021

With lockdown in full force, more and more people are searching for ways to optimize their garden and living space. Just in 2020, there has been an incredible 178% increase in web searches for professional decking and patio renovations services. Professionals all over the world are recommending composite decking as their material of choice when building new decks in 2021 and here is why!

Composite decking is the number one option for you if you’re looking for a high-quality and low-maintenance decking solution. Made from recycled wood fibres, recycled plastic and bonding agents, composite decking has come a long way since its creation in the late 80s. Now it is the most popular alternative to wood boards due to its durability and choices of colours. Since it is man-made, composite decking comes in a lot of different wood colours, providing you with the option to create the deck of your dreams with exotic woods without their high-cost. There are so many designs available to style and optimize your decking area for your personal staycation during 2021. These colours are obtained by adding colouring and preservatives to obtain the same colour and texture as your preferred wood type while also making them extra durable. Composite decking was designed to last longer than any wood decking would, adding value to your properties for decades to come. By choosing a capped composite deck, you can be sure that your deck will be resistant to the effects of the environment throughout the years and won’t fade over time. Composite decking is also completely stain-proof and easy to clean, with only a quick rinse every 6 months with water and soap.

With lockdown, people are spending more and more time in nature, but for most of us working at home, we can’t fit in the drive to the nearest forest or mountain in our schedule. Instead, we can design our own nature retreat right outside our home! By adding decking to your house, you can customize your garden to fit your needs and your lifestyle. Even just working outside on your deck will help in your daily routine during these tough times by getting you out in the sun while still socially-distancing.

Today, thanks to the renewed demand for exterior design options and new technologies, composite decking is more than just an alternative to wood decking, now it is seen as the safest and eco-friendliest option for outside decking. It is eco-friendlier than any wood decking because of not only its usage of recycled wood and plastics for its production but also because it doesn’t need strong products to clean and maintain. Composite boards are designed to answer and facilitate every aspect of exterior design by providing many choices for colours and textures, while also being easy and quick to clean. Not only that, but composite decking has been developed to absorb 35% less sunlight and heat than conventional capped deck boards so that your deck will feel noticeably cooler under your feet all summer.

So whether you chose to DIY it or to call a professional, get out of the house and create the deck of your dreams easily with composite boards. And since we won’t go far for vacation during summer 2021, we might as well create our dream holidays right in our backyards!

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