Why is it recommended not to be dependent on one only painting style ?!

Examining the perspective of the young and talented Iranian artist Yalda Dousti regarding the difference between surreal, real and hyper-real styles

Over time, the way painters imagine and draw the image has changed and created different styles of painting.

Painting is the process by which paint is applied to a surface such as paper, canvas, or wall and a work is created. The person who does this process is called a painter. Painting is six times older than the use of written language among humans.

The two styles of painting, real and hyper-real, are a subset of pictorial paintings, and the surreal style can be placed more in an abstract collection that is not mostly based on the real subject and not only moves in the opposite direction of rationalism and realism, but also considers rationalism as a suppression to imaginativeness.

In fact, in this style, the artist transcends the realm of rationalism and reasoning and gains access to the subconscious.

In general, the goal of surrealism has been to liberate thought, language, and mind.

While the two styles of real and hyper-real are only in the context of reality or photos and even live models. In hyper-real, it has been using construction methods so far; because the painter in this style is like a machine which copying works and not only makes it mistaken to leave a mole, but also sometimes it is exaggerated in its details.

On the other side in Real, sometimes it is even possible to use the method of Impressionism, which is a kind of color placement with the use of a spatula and pen, that it has its own real view.

According to Yalda Dousti, a young painter and skilled Iranian designer, one of the reasons for the difference between the two styles is in the design technique and its painting.

In other words, in Real-Impression work it is usually common to start from the whole part, so at first design General perspective and then to add shadows and details.

But in contrast, in Hyper-Real, the painter acts out the details and gradually places each part, which is also called processing method.

According to Yalda, all those who have succeeded, especially in art, so far, are those who did not follow the rules. For example, after a certain date, Pablo Picasso tried to break the frameworks he had already learned and went a step further; so that he invented the independent style of Cubism, and this made him one of the contemporary painters who made a great change in the art field and became famous all over the world. 

The same is true for Yalda herself because she believes that Real and Hyper-real styles hinder the painter’s creativity after a while; as they are within the framework of pre-determined photographs and subjects. On the other hand, education skills in Real style are also necessary for everyone to perform Surreal work. With various exercises in the field of Real and Hyper-real, she has painted stunning works that have something to offer in this field, and she also has used these Skills as a background for working in the Surrealism style.

Finally, as a painting master, unlike many artists, Yalda believes that each artist has his signature and that the lessons and conditions must be provided for her or him to be able to learn without filtering. In her opinion, every teacher must offer their whole knowledge and skills completely, and she considers those who don’t follow this idea as a selfish person; because these training may have caused a spark and miracle in that art student and his or her artworks make a lasting pathway of art and provide services for people. Because this method of teaching and integrating styles not only makes creativity but also leads artists on a new path and a new revolution in art.

Who knows, maybe you as an artist, are the founder of a new style or new technique to transform invention which will gain from your student in the future

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