WVU Medicine grows care to Glenville and Gilmer County

BRIDGEPORT, W.Va (WDTV) – By November, Glenville and Gilmer County occupants will have better admittance to WVU Medicine’s forte consideration. Wellbeing System is set to open a 10,600 square foot facility at the Waco Center close to Glenville State College.

In an explanation, Sandy Pettit, leader of the Foundation, said that “we at the Glenville State College Foundation are pleased to welcome WVU Medicine as a new partner in providing quality healthcare to the residents of our community. It has long been our goal to expand medical services in Glenville, and this new partnership provides a pathway to that goal.”

Pettit likewise noticed that WVU Medicine’s arrangements will use this new space at the Waco Center to its fullest potential. They likewise plan to offer admittance to the WVU Medicine organization of clinics and subject matter experts. Pettit underlined that the Foundation Board and College are exceptionally thankful for the long and commonly valuable relationship with the current medical services supplier, Minnie Hamilton.

“Our decision to move forward with WVU Medicine in no way diminishes the excellent service Minnie Hamilton has provided, and we wish them well moving forward,” she said.

At first, the WVU Medicine Clinic at the Waco Center will offer essential and select strength care administrations to the local area. In any case, these nearby administrations additionally feed into a more profound and more extensive organization of subject matter experts and subspecialists who do everything from heart and kidney transfers to exceptionally specific disease medical procedures.

“We’re very excited to work with the Glenville State College Foundation to open this new clinic and offer a variety of services to the community,” Albert L. Wright, Jr., president, and CEO of the West Virginia University Health System said. “As well as giving routine consideration to the inhabitants of the space, the center will likewise fill in as a passage point into a lot bigger and more thorough organization of specific consideration that is facilitated through a typical electronic clinical record.”

Inhabitants of the space can visit to become familiar with the assortment of administrations the WVU Medicine network offers. They can likewise open a WVUMyChart account by visiting Through this entryway, patients can deal with their wellbeing records, speak with their suppliers, and timetable visits.