Xbox engineer fixes heritage gamerpic bug

A viral Twitter string about somebody’s old Xbox 360 Gamertag profile picture being edited bizarre with each new Xbox console has incited one Xbox specialist to go on and just… fix the issue.

As announced by The Verge, Twitter client Noukon bought a Pac-Man apparition symbol years prior and has kept it as their profile picture from that point forward. As indicated by Noukon, they bought the Gamerpic for 80 Xbox Points in 2006 and he’ll “be f*cked if it won’t remain the best dollar I’ve ever spent until the seas boil over.”

Lamentably, progresses in Xbox’s UI implies the profile pic from 2006 now seems as though a little square encompassing by an unfilled dim circle. Fortunately, Xbox engineer Eden Marie saw Nokoun’s Tweet and chosen to feel free to take care of the issue, calling it her “personal mission to fix this.”

Marie posted a full Twitter string of her cycle, starting with buying a similar profile picture pack as Noukon (at a more costly cost of $2.38), prior to deciding to analyze and eventually settle the issue.

As indicated by Marie, “a long time ago someone decided that no matter how big a Gamerpic we wanted to display, the 360 Gamerpic would never get bigger than 72 x 72 pixels. The rest of the background is filled in with a blown up, faded version of itself,” Marie says.

The arrangement, eventually, lay with the Xbox dashboard’s capacity to perceive straightforward PNG records. This permitted Marie to take the little square 360-period Gamerpic and put it in a straightforward circle and change the measurements, bringing about a fixed, absolutely ordinary looking Pac-Man apparition symbol for Noukon.

Marie had the option to fix the issue during something many refer to as Exploration Time which is the place where individuals from the Experiences group can go through a large portion of a day every week to handle arbitrary things inside the item. “This week I absolutely chose to use it to rescue ghosts,” Marie tweeted.

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