Yassine Medaghri-Alaoui: A muscle- bound and astound personality in young entrepreneurs

With the rapid growth of urbanisation, digitisation and competition in the market, Yassine is providing the most feasible and effectual strategy. Embarrassing the emerging technology, Drive box has the potential to increase capacity, optimise asset lifecycle, leverage existing data and improve customer experience. Its all set to capture the Moroccan markets in a big way.

Yassine was born in a comfortable family where his dad was the director of the IRS for 15 years and then held up some governmental positions in the past and his mom who is the daughter of one of the most prominent business owners in the north of morocco. So he was always kind of deciding between choosing a political career or going for business. He  discovered the hidden aspect of his personality and began to explore them.
At the moment he is working on many different businesses, here are a few businesses .

Real estate : talking about the sector, Yassine has always seen the real estate development Industry from close quarters since his young days and hence was fairly acquainted with its workings. Today he owns the most renowned real estate giant in Morocco – ‘Groupe Loulanti’, which lists in one of the top real estate companies in the country.

Automobile industry : Yassine owns more than 7 automobile brands which has a market capitalisation off more than 85% in the region. He has big plans for expansion and is in talks with Tesla to get them to Morocco. He also has plans to start producing lithium batteries and other electric products to enhance the future of automotive industry in the region.

Academic education : In 2018 he started a training academy in Dubai named Elite world Alpha trading which teaches high school students the nitty-gritties of trading. It gives a detailed study on the stock market and other currencies.

IT and Technology : Yassine has introduced Drive Box which is a unique tablet project aimed at increasing advertising presence amongst customers through the medium of public transport.

Tourism and Luxury concierge services : He owns the Global Elite Team which offers Luxury concierge services around the world which comprises of luxury car rental, yacht charter, helicopter rental, private jets, charters and premium reservations to exclusive events.

Very few entrepreneurs have really impressed everyone with their ability to handle a conglomerate smoothly and efficiently and Yassine is one of them. He has his hands in every sector and has been able to manage each efficaciously.

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