‘You Stars, You Queens!’: Kamala Harris Crashes Brandy and Monica’s ‘Verzuz’ war

Cognac and Monica went six feet separated on Monday night (Aug. 31), going head to head in a can’t-miss Verzuz fight between R&B symbols.

To help kick things off, the team got an amazement from Democratic Vice Presidential up-and-comer Kamala Harris, who dropped by on the screen behind them (repping her place of graduation in a Howard University shirt) to show uphold for Verzuz’s association with Michelle Obama’s When We All Vote.

“I simply needed to thank you women, you sovereigns, you stars,” Harris shouted.

“Thank you for doing this for When We All Vote. It’s so important for everyone. You both used your voice in such a powerful way, and an extension of our voices is our vote.”

“We understand the importance of people getting out and voting right now,” Monica included.

“Also, they feel so vulnerable at the present time, however that is the way you help yourself, help your locale, help your siblings and sisters.”

“I’m fangirling at this moment,” Brandy energetically included.

Cognac and Monica’s fight is the second young ladies just conflict following Erykah Badu and Jill Scott doing combating it out back in May.

Indeed, the go head to head is advertised to such an extent that it’s in any event, showing up with its own line of restricted release merchandise.

“Much obliged to you for doing this for When We All Vote. It’s so significant for everybody. You both utilized your voice in such a ground-breaking way, and an expansion of our voices is our vote.”

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