Youmna Khoury Talks About Dealing with the Loss of Her Father

Instagram is a place that shows you such a glamorised version of people’s lives. The beautiful pictures with perfect backgrounds, chic outfits and the fun places that influencers get to visit, makes one believe that their lives are perfect. However, the audience often forgets that they too are humans and go through the same sadness, pain and emotions that any other normal human being goes through.

Fashion Influencer and entrepreneur, Youmna Khoury, may seem like she has all the assets. But little do people know about the challenges that she has faced. Youmna is not someone who was born with all the luxuries of life. She had to work hard to be where is now. Moreover, she lost her father at a very young age and had to deal with the grief and challenges that came along. 

The loss of a parent is one of the most devastating things that one could go through and experience at any given moment in their life. Youmna had to deal with this loss at a pretty young age in life. So, Youmna’s mother took care of her and her sisters, and gave them the love of both a father and a mother. Youmna and  her sisters went to school and completed their education from prestigious institutes. Their mother plays an integral part in this as well. After the death, it was her who took a job to provide food for the family. 

Youmna talks about how it was not easy at all to cope with this loss and how she overcame it. Youmna further states as to how she knew that her father would not want to see her sad. He would want her to become successful and follow her dreams. Youmna also talks about how she finds comfort in knowing that her father is in a better place and that he is looking down on her with immense pride. Youmna says that  she misses her dad every single day but time is the best medicine to help you cope with such things. 

Furthermore, she talks about how difficult that time of life was for her but one thing that helped her through was the fact that she acknowledged her pain instead of just pretending that she was okay. In addition to this, the support of family and friends around her helped a lot in dealing with that difficult time. Youmna also stated that her heart goes out to anyone who has gone through such difficult times. She further states that grieving is an entire process. One cannot just get over the loss of a loved one in a matter of days. It takes time and you need to give yourself that time to heal completely.

She talks about how she dreamt of starting her own business and how her father was so supportive of it. Therefore, she just strives to do better in her field of work to make her father proud of the person she has become.

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