Zachary Tarnopol, ‘Poke’ as known internationally, is the young video content creator and influencer, leaving no stone unturned to make an impact across the world

His company Poke Media LLC’s success in just a few years proves Poke’s mettle as a young influencer.

The world of gaming and the world of the ever-growing and ever-evolving digital mediums have made a substantial impact on all across the globe. Especially, the youngsters are the ones who easily get drawn towards this sector as it promises to give them opportunities in life that can help them build their careers in the same and not just that also provide them with greater chances to even expand their career to achieve much higher success. YouTube is one of those online platforms that have been instrumental in creating and growing the careers of many famous influencers of the world. Zachary Tarnopol, also known as ‘Poke’, loved the medium since he was only nine years of age. He saw a great opportunity in the form of YouTube and made his mission to create an impact through the medium as a young creative influencer and entrepreneur, and so did he.

In the year 2007, Poke started his YouTube channel (https://www.youtube.com/c/Pokediger1/about), which attracted many eyeballs because of Poke’s abilities and skills to catch and hold on the attention of his audiences through his inventive and creative video contents filled with entertainment, and real-life pranks, real-life experiences, etc.

Poke who comes from Chicago, Illinois, was born on April 13, 1998. Creating games and disrupting the online mediums was always in his mind and hence, Poke became the brain behind the success of more than 200 gaming videos. He felt passionate about YouTube and creating content for the medium and as he realized that he is gaining increasing numbers of subscribers on his channel, in the year 2017, Poke originated his company called Poke Media LLC.

Poke runs his firm successfully by having a clear aim to work towards content production and content creation that has the profound power to influence the next generation. Today, Poke proudly calls himself a successful content creator and influencer who has contributed in changing visions and perspectives for the better by teaching lessons to kids through the digital medium, creating gaming and real-life contents and also make them learn the greater message behind the lessons.

While building his vision, Poke just like any other successful name in the industry had to face his shares of ups and downs to eventually make it big as a gamer and video and content creator. He struggled with the many trials and errors that he made when he started with YouTube as a creator. He learnt the business and community side of YouTube through the process and considered it as the biggest learnings of his career.

He has given his voice as Bacon Soldier in the Roblox movie ‘The Last Guest’ and is also considered as one of the most leading Roblox content creators who has gained more than 1 million followers on the platform. He has entertained youngsters under 18 by taking the world of gaming to an altogether another level.

Poke at only 22 years of age has proved the world that at the end of the day it is only the passion and the drive one feels to get going in their career and achieve feats like no other in the industry. He has influenced so many from the next generation that kids today aspire to be like him.

People have always showered love and appreciation on him; the proof is his growing presence across all social media platforms like TikTok, Roblox, Twitch, and Instagram (https://www.instagram.com/pokey/). His YouTube family has grown to become a strong community with about 4.54 Million YouTube Subscribers. There have also been a lot of press and media, who has featured Poke for the contributions he has made to the digital world, being an influencer and creative video content creator.

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