A look at the biography of Hadi Borhan, a famous Iranian musician and singer these days

A singer who, with his good voice and talent for arranging and composing his music, has become popular these days, and his fans from all over the world are increasing day by day with his hit songs.

A person who has a history of collaborating with the greats of Iranian music, Mr. AlirezaRoozgar, Mostafa Yeganeh, MassoudSadeghlou, etc. in his resume.

Hadi Borhan was born on April 3, 1993 in Shiraz

Mr. Borhan is, in a way, a person who, in his important activities, can be described as a poet and composer, arranging mixes and mastering, playing guitar, piano and violin, and most importantly, he has been woven separately from his other competitors. It is his singing.

He started playing the piano, guitar and violin as a child.

And in 2016, he was able to start his singing career.

His talents have led him to release more than seven official pieces so far.

Also, his experience in playing the violin, guitar and piano made him have serious collaborations with several popular pop singers in the country.

The music of my heart and the music of the right old man, the music of quarantine, the music of Leila Banoo, the music of the relationship, the music of the Turkish girl, the music I am missing, arranged by Hadi Borhan, also the music of my heart, the music of what can I do with you, by Mostafa Yeganeh Also arranged by Mr. Borhan.

And from the latest and greatest music that he has personally arranged and sung, we can mention the music around DorVert, the music you know well, the music where you were, and the first and last music, which are recommended to people who have not listened to this music. Please be sure to listen to this music.

Their instrumentation gives a different color and smell to the music.

According to them, he has been working in music and playing since 1985 and he has a special interest and this interest has caused most people these days to become fans of this young and talented singer.

Mr. Borhan says that most of the time, I spend hours and days arranging music for myself and my colleagues because I get a higher sense of calm in my work, and that is enough for me.

We wish good health to these singers and musicians and hope that they will be more successful wherever they are.

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